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How long will it take to grind my stumps?

There are many variables that go into answering this question.

If you want a general answer, it takes between 30 minutes to an hour for Piedmont Stump Grinding to complete the stump grinding process.

That time can increase or decrease depending upon some of the variables below:

Equipment Used
This is possibly the greatest variable. If you hire Piedmont Stump Grinding to take care of your stumps, then you don’t have to worry, because we use a very powerful stump grinder that is going to take care of the job fast.

If you go the do-it-yourself route, it will take longer if you have a less powerful machine. It will take even longer if your stump grinder doesn’t have hydraulics. Without hydraulics, you will have to use much more manual labor to grind a stump which will extend your time.

Size of stump
This one is pretty self explanatory. Generally speaking, the larger the stump the more time it will take to grind no matter what type of machine you’re using.

Rotten vs. Non-Rotten Stump
If the stump has started or has been rotting for some time, it will take less time to grind because the wood will not be as hard. This also depends on the type of wood.

Type of Wood
The type of wood of the stump will greatly alter the time it takes to grind. Hardwood tree stumps (ex: oak, maple, hickory, etc) will take longer to grind through than softwood (pine, spruce, redwood, etc).

Location of Stump
If the stump is in a open field far away from any kind of structure, then it will take less time to grind. In that type of situation, we can just fire up the machine and grind.

If the stump is close to a structure, then planning and a precision grind will have to be done to make sure that no damage is done to structure or any underlying gas, water or power lines. This may take a little more time.

The location also matters because if the stump is in your front yard, it will take less time to get setup and grind than it would if it’s in your backyard and the stump grinder has to get through a gate.

Generally, the more open space, the quicker the job will be completed.

If you’re ready to take care of that stump on your property, get a free stump grinding estimate from Piedmont Stump Grinding today.

Piedmont Stump Grinding services the North Carolina Triangle area (Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Wake Forest, Clayton, Garner, Benson, Knightdale) and Piedmont area (Greensboro, High Point, Thomasville).

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