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What should I do with the area after the stump is grinded?

You know for sure that you want that stump gone, but do you know what you want to do with the area afterwards?

A majority of Piedmont Stump Grinding customers know exactly what they want to do with the area, but sometimes they’ll ask us, “what would you do?”

For those who haven’t yet decided what to do with the areas here are some suggestions:

Use the grinded wood as a mulched area
Depending on the size of the stump, there can be a lot of wood chips and debris left over. If the wood is free of disease, you can just use this by product as mulch and have a natural area where the tree stump was located.

Plant another tree
When a stump is grinded, it’s just not done to the ground surface, it can be grinded up to 15′ inches into the ground. While you don’t want to plant a tree exactly where the old root was, you can plant a new tree in the area. It’s suggested that you can plant 3 feet or more away from the old stump.

Experts suggest if you want to plant a new tree, to plant a new type of species.

Grow grass
This is the most popular choice of the stumps we grind in front and backyards of residential property.

If this is your plan, then all of the wood that is left over from the grinding process needs to be cleaned up and taken away. Piedmont Stump Grinding can do this for you.

The next step is filling in the area with top soil. You’ll need to start checking your PH and nutrient levels and tweak them for optimal growth of the type of grass you want to grow.

Most people hire a landscaping company to complete all of this for them, but If you want to do it on your own, there is ample information online about getting what you need out of your soil to get grass growing.

Just as a note, the hole left from the stump grinding process will be deep. If you fill it with top soil and then a week later it rains, you may notice the top soil has settled into the hole and you will have a depression. If you choose to grow grass, you’ll want to keep note of this as you don’t want a lumpy yard that will give you trouble when mowing.

Landscape feature
Another popular option we hear is that people want to make a land scaping feature of the area. Flower beds, fountains, statutes, swings, bird baths, the list goes on.

Before you do any of this, you need to get that stump grinded!

If you’re ready to take care of that stump on your property, get a free stump grinding estimate from Piedmont Stump Grinding today.

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