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How Long Will It Take To Remove Trees From My Property?

Obviously, it matters how many trees you need to be removed. Generally speaking, our average tree removal job at Piedmont will take half a day to a full day to complete. Our average job is usually one or two trees.

Of course, many factors come into play when you’re talking about time. In some cases, one tree can take longer than multiple trees. The main factor is access and open space around a tree.

If your tree or trees are located on open land, and a climber is not needed, the tree or trees can be taken down relatively quickly. Open land allows us to not worry about structures that can be damaged and focus on getting the tree down and all the debris off your property.

On the other hand, you may live on a quarter-acre lot that has one tree very close to your home that will require a climber and a more precise deconstruction of the tree. A meticulous deconstruction ensures the final take-down will not damage any of your property or neighbor’s property. In this type of situation, it will take more time per tree.

If you have more questions about a tree or trees that you would like removed from your property, please contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and offer solutions to your tree problems.

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